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In response to some questions about the SS ‘thing’
People will be asked that every time they register. In the summer registration everyone should answer SS but if they answer WS that’s ok too.
then when they register for a program in the non competetive season is when it matters as that is what is going to help you decide who you do and do not need to pay BCSSA fees for.

For those of us that factor our meet fees into our season fees, how do we bypass the individual fee of $10.00 per swimmer on the meet registration for Nelson? We would prefer to pay through the club, or should I have known this prior to setting our summer fees? I need my swimmers to register, but don’t want them to be charged twice for each meet they enter.

Nevermind, i’m showing two colors here—- Green because I’m new and red because I’m embarrassed that I jumped the gun before investigating the facts! Whoops, Sorry! Please disregard my last post :)

Hi all Registrars,
In discussing the Nelson meet with Castlegar we figured out that the meet file is still showing a $10 fee in individual events. So you need to go to the blue box next to the Nelson Neptunes meet in Swim Manager. Toggle down to “Meet Entry Fees” and then select “custom fees” next to the two choices that say $10 and enter a charge of 0. Press save and it will zero out the fees.

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